House Sold and Moving.

Well now, we’ve sold our house in Hampshire and our moving to West Sussex to an apartment which we will live in until I retire. So it’s all about downsizing and getting rid of those things that usually reside in the loft or shed. ¬†Actually it’s a bit more than that but the trouble is we keep coming across momentos that we look over, read etc and it makes it a long process. In some ways it’s sad getting rid of everything but we have to be ruthless as the apartment although nice is only a one bed. We’ve invested in a good airbed which we will use when our daughter visits.

So in eleven days we will be on the move, another step closer to Spain and my retirement. The sobriety is strong a day at a time.

Getting started and my intentions.

So, I haven’t a clue how to do a blog but I have read a few and have always wanted one of my own.

The theme is in the title. As of today I’ve been sober 26years 3months 23 days and counting A Day At At Time. That will be 10,000 days on the 26-01-2016. ¬†Also I will be retiring in June this year and preparing to move to Spain hopefully within a year after that.

Things to do are, learn Spanish, move home within the UK and get a place in Spain but most importantly stay sober. Sobriety is the thing that has made everything possible for me, without sobriety I would have nothing. I wouldn’t be retiring at 58 more than likely I wouldn’t have seen 58, (I haven’t just yet).


So this year is going to be busy and exciting. It’s a new chapter in my and my family’s life and this is the first page of the next chapter in my life.


Please excuse any grammatical errors, hopefully this will improve.

Thanks for reading and join me on the journey.